Studying in Canada would be a beautiful experience for anyone, since Canada is ranked as the BEST PLACE in the world to live. Because of its access to education, high life expectancy and low crime rates, Canada is very attractive destination for students throughout the world.
Education is a provincial responsibility under the Canadian constitution which means there are significant differences in education systems of the different provinces. However, education is of great importance to Canadians and standards across the country are uniformly high. Once students complete elementary school which is up to 8th standard, they would take up high school education comprising of classes 9th to 12th. There are more than 175 institutions that offer various programs such as Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor’s including vocational and Adult Education. These institutions are known as Community Colleges, Technical Institute, University College. All these colleges are the members of the Association of the Canadian Community Colleges.
Undergraduate programs are of 4 years duration, except in Ontario, where there is a three year’s Bachelor’s Degrees and three year’s Master’s Degrees. In other parts of Canada Master’s degrees are of 2 years duration.