New Zealand is becoming world’s top country in attracting and fascinating international students due to its beautiful culture, Supportive learning environment and for being Practical, Modern and Desirable. New Zealand’s education system is based on the prestigious British Education System which offers world class facilities, resources and teaching staff, and the qualification is valued and transferable throughout the world. Auckland is the largest and most culturally diverse city of New Zealand. About one million people live in Auckland. Other major cities are Wellington, which is the capital city, followed by Christchurch and Dunedin.
There are 10 levels of study In New Zealand School and Universities. Certificates are levels 1 to 4. Diplomas are levels 5 to 6. Bachelor’s Degrees and graduate diploma’s are level 7. Postgraduate certificates and diplomas, and Bachelor’s degree with honors are level 8. Master’s Degrees are level 9 and Doctoral Degrees are level 10. New Zealand has 8 Universities, 25 polytechnics/Institutes of Technology.