Irrespective of problem areas, the United States of America (USA) is the hottest destination for Nepalese and international students. It’s due to the quality of education, wide ranging specialties, flexibility, large campuses proficient professors, funding and international opportunities are few of the reasons for attracting the elite students throughout the world.
There are more than 3800 universities and colleges in the USA, offering right from short term certificate programs to post Doctoral level degrees. Most students prefer to study in the USA at either the Bachelor’s Level or Masters and beyond.
Education system in the USA is different from the British Education system as practiced by Nepal and other countries. After the Nursery School and Kindergarten, Primary school starts which will be from first to sixth grade. Grades from 7th to 12th  is known as secondary education in which 7th to 9th are known as junior high school grades and 10th to 12th are known as senior high school grades.
After 12th student can join two years associate degree or a technical institute of similar duration. Completion of this level makes one eligible to take up more two years of the undergraduate program at a four year college or university, on completion of which leads to a bachelor’s degree.
A Master’s Degree after that could be one to two years. And Doctoral level education could be simultaneous along with Master’s or additional, which can be another 3-4 years.